A new experience for online purchases


Solidea, a leading company in the field of elastic stockings and graduated compression tights, has entrusted Novity with the redesign of the entire shopping experience on

Present on the market since 1997, Solidea is a brand of Calzificio Pinelli [footwear manufacturer ndr], a historic company in Mantua that over the years has been able to innovate with 100% Made in Italy products recognized all over the world for the high quality of the yarns.

A constantly evolving project which sees as its main objective that of making people understand graduated compression as a synonym for well-being and prevention, suitable for all ages and all moments of life.


A project articulated, which saw the whole Novity digital team engaged to different ends: from user research to the user interface, from social media activities to influencer marketing.

The definition of proto-personas


We started with an audit phase aimed at studying user behavior, analyzing the interactions and needs for each target audience, both consumer and business, in the Italian and international market.

The criticalities of the web project highlighted by the analysis were solved with solutions that involved, in the first instance, information architecture: from the definition and mapping of customer journey the reorganization of the structure and contents.


The interventions on the site involved the navigation menu, made more intuitive to direct business and consumer users to the sections of the site dedicated to them, and the catalogue, the heart of the project, enriched with search filters that allow the user to identify and compare the products, choosing from types, lines, types of compression and colors available.

Furthermore, to improve experience of the B2B user, the reserved area has been completely redesigned, where it is possible to monitor orders, discounts and all the advantages of the partnership with Solidea.

The graphic layout, clean and essential, gives more space to the product and the contents that describe it; the more intuitive interface simplifies the purchasing process and navigation for users, improving the perception of the brand, which has always invested in technology, product quality and customer focus.

The platform was integrated with management applications and the corporate CRM to improve the entire sales process, from receipt of the order to shipment, passing through administrative offices, logistics, production and packaging departments.

The new mobile interface of the website

Social Media Marketing

Starting from spring 2020 Novity leads Solidea’s social strategy. Contents and tone of voice designed to get in touch with an active target that quickly became a community. The management of interactions with followers and UGC (user-generated content) are a fundamental part of the activities. The Facebook ADS campaigns reach people all over the world. The profiling of audiences takes place through careful monitoring aimed at converting into purchases on the website.

Facebook and Google ads campaigns

Influencer Marketing

The social strategy is supported by Influencer Marketing. Solidea’s international community finds in engaging and carefully chosen creators tips for online shopping and on lifestyle. The selection of influencer and youtuber takes place by studying the contents, the communities and the way they interact with their audience. The testimony of an influencer is equivalent to the advice of a friend… but in addition it leaves you a discount code!