Municipality of Sirmione

Sirmione Turismo portal UI

Municipality of Sirmione

Sirmione is a gorgeous town overlooking Garda Lake, a destination chosen every year by over a million Italian tourists and tourists from all over the world.

Renewing its online communication to be closer to tourists and their needs: this is the need of the Tourist Office of the Municipality of Sirmione, which asked Novity to redesign its website.

A portal full of information, itineraries and events that are always updated, capable of responding to the needs of an increasingly digital tourism.


The new website is responsive, fast and stable; with a contemporary appeal and a lot of space is dedicated to images and contents; the structure is designed to facilitate navigation; it is always up to date, thanks to the constant drafting of articles, events and information pages.


The website was designed mobile first, i.e. optimized for smartphone navigation to better support users both in the planning phase of the holiday and during their stay. Accessing the Sirmione tourist portal from your smartphone thus becomes the easiest way to find out what to see nearby and what events are organized in the historic center.


What makes it optimal for smartphone consultation? The speed in loading pages, the simplicity in navigation, the layout designed to facilitate the reading and consultation of galleries and maps even on the smallest screens.


The website management was custom built, to meet the needs of the customer, who can independently update pages and news and choose which ones to highlight on the home page.

Furthermore, we have created some applications for support editors of the site in creating and updating content, making their work easier, faster and automated.

An application allows you to shape the newsletter starting from the contents of the site in a few clicks; an automated system allows you to enter events in the website calendar by interfacing with the tourism office management software of the Municipality; finally, a section helps professionals in the management of subscribers of the WhatsApp channel in compliance with current privacy regulations.


A constant SEO optimization work is carried out by our SEO Specialist, with the aim of improving indexing and the positioning of the website in the SERPs.


The making of new content follows the search for keyword and the study of traffic volumes, to produce articles and pages that are interesting for visitors and responsive to theirs research intent.


A web portal of this nature requires daily care by a team of experts, to improve both what the user sees during his navigation, and what is hidden from his eyes but it is very important to offer the best experience possible.