New Socksforyou line communication


SOCKSforYOU is the Solidea line that combines the green soul of the brand with innovative technologies and bamboo fiber yarn.

“Nature and technology in the name of well-being”. This is the headline that contains the peculiarities of the new SOCKSforYOU line: unisex knee-highs and shoe covers, unique and exclusive to wear all day long to have fresh and rested legs without sacrificing style. A green technology, with an ultra soft touch.

The mobile interface of the website


A website dedicated to the new line designed to give the user a browsing experience that highlights the unique characteristics of the products.

Bamboo leaves in parallax accompany the visualization of the contents underlining the uniqueness of SOCKSforYOU yarns.

A website designed, created and optimized for mobile devices and associated with PPC campaigns for the launch of new products.


The launch campaign of the SOCKSforYOU line found in the social network and in the network Google display relevant channels of both brand awareness and sales.

A multi-subject campaign designed to combine graduated compression with production technologies and natural yarns. Personal wellness, conscious choices to give concrete help to the environment.

Sponsored static and animated banners, posts and videos were the protagonists of a PPC activity that lasted for 6 months which brought an important audience to know and appreciate the new Solidea products.

Google campaign display banners


The packaging of the SFY Bamboo line has been designed to give absolute visibility of the product itself, thus becoming the main element inserted in the layout. The image of the bamboo forest, inserted in the band at the base of the packaging, underlines the exclusivity of the material with which the knee-high was made.

The packaging differs according to the type and use of the products: while for the knee-highs both women’s and men’s shots were included, for the shoe covers “ghost” shots were made with a single product.


The various look book videos represent a turning point for marketing activities. Emotional videos were made during the photo shoots to bring the user closer to the unique features of the new Solidea product line.

An important project that saw the whole Novity team involved in a process of evolution of the Solidea brand, now increasingly linked to innovative production technologies with the aim of improving our well-being and that of our planet.