Fondazione Istituto Danone

Website restyling

Fondazione Istituto Danone

“Since 1991 we have been spreading the culture of nutrition linked to health”. This is the phrase that the Danone Institute Foundationhas chosen to welcome the user to its website, recently renovated in terms of architecture and design.

A close cooperation and a fruitful team work between the Danone Institute Foundation and Novity has allowed the creation of a site full of information, fast and easy to navigate.

A new narrative model designed to consistently reaffirm the objectives: foster nutritional research through the development of innovative projects, disseminate knowledge thanks to publishing, congress, training campaigns and specialist publications based on the target audience.


The new graphic interface comes from the precise analysis of the user experience, for 85% engaged in mobile browsing. Analytics and other innovative tools were valuable allies in the discovering phase to design a unique experience, tailored and favor a quick consultation.

Navigation between categories, tags and turning points


The new structure allows users to quickly pass from the section that combines nutrition with the concepts of prevention, research and pathologies, to the one that refers to the ages of nutrition, key moments that impact on lifestyle and eating habits.

The use of horizontal and vertical taxonomies (categories and tags) allows the user to navigate in a simple and intuitive way through all the contents greatly improving the time spent on the site.

The new website of the Danone Institute Foundation is built on the WordPress platform “full custom”.

A project dedicated to anyone interested in learning more about health and nutrition, with the certainty of being able to count on reliable sources and on contribution of numerous and important specialists.