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UX and UI of the Golia platform

Infogest web

In web applications a large amount of data and variables to manage can make access to information particularly complex with the consequence of a disappointing UX.

The Novity team was faced with such a situation with the software Goliath, for which a new interface was necessary, more complete and interactive than the previous one, taking into account the context of use, with the aim of giving the operator a fast access to the large amount of data.


The redesign of the interface is the result not so much of aesthetic choices but of much deeper structural changes.

In the initial phases of the project, the workshops with the customer were fundamental, which led the team to get to know and fully understand all the complex functions of the software and the needs of logistic operators and professional drivers.

The new driver activity view


Before Goliath 4.0 the reading the tachograph data was extremely complex since a different graph was generated for each solar day.

The new version shows a single detailed timeline in which the company is able to immediately consult the driving, break and rest times and to better plan the work of the entire fleet.

Also, the old version dashboard showed a huge amount of data. Goliath 4.0 reports only and exclusively the alert situations allowing the company to monitor activities in real time preventing infringements by drivers.


The new platform was also the result of a new design approach. The UX team, in fact, has dedicated itself to the creation of a design system, that is the set of components, patterns and guidelines which help to maintain consistency and continuity within the new digital ecosystem.

Assistant: Goliath's predictive dashboard 4
Golia Road: the version of the platform always at hand


What does a professional driver need who can be driving up to 14 hours in a day?

This is the first question that allowed us to implement an immediate and functional version of Goliath for mobile devices.

The fleet of professional drivers accessing Goliath displays an optimized platform version for the mobile experience. The tab allows the driver to access the most important sections of Goliath: planning of daily activities, infringements and direct contact with the company.

A work of complete synergy between the Novity team and Infogest web lasted 6 months. The new version of the platform was presented at the fair Transpotec 2019, where he won the prize “Le stelle del trasporto [Ndt The Stars of Transport]” in the “innovative services” category.