Brand Identity, Visual Identity and UI


The Novity communication team welcomed the ACCUDIRE project with enthusiasm and interest: the first Italian platform created to support companies in export processes.

ACCUDIRE accompanies Italian companies step by step in the growth of exports, indicating the “ACCURATE” “DIRECTION” with the aim of simplifying and speeding up organizational processes and operational procedures for exports.

Through an innovative system of Cloud Computing Security joined to Blockchain, ACCUDIRE allows maximum transparency, speed and traceability along the supply chain for trusted connections between exporters, customs representatives, freight forwarders, banks, insurance companies, terminals, carriers and government authorities.


An articulated project, which saw the entire communication team engaged to different ends: from the brand identity to the website UI, from the various digital marketing activities to the creation of product and promotional videos and video tutorials.

The ACCUDIRE brand manual


The Italian word ACCUDIRE [CARE, ndt] is closely linked to safety, suggests and generates trust. This verb identifies the qualities that distinguish the start-up on the market.

The logo and the pay off were created on the basis of the concept provided and on the analysis of the reference market, sometimes complex for creatives like us, but full of stimuli and unexplored lands to be translated into images!

The illustrations and the infographics are important elements that allow us to clarify concepts such as blockchain, supply chain and digitization of the supply chain. Illustrations of isometric type have been created, a style suitable for transmitting technology and modularity.


The website could only be perfectly in line with the latest trends. Designed first of all to understand the innovation of ACCUDIRE, it was created to bring the user to discover the tangible advantages of the export platform in an intuitive, fluid and clear way.

A full custom theme made for WordPress, enhanced by animations, micro interactions and optimized to be consulted by all devices.

Careful work of content curation and copywriting has been done to promote the brand and encourage lead generation which ensured the effectiveness of the message and sharing even with the most experienced user.

The responsive website ACCUDIRE

Social Media Management

The social media management activity envisaged the opening of one LinkedIn company page and the development of a technical-specialist editorial calendar. The creation of video content allowed us to increase engagement by communicating the concrete advantages of the platform in an immediate way.

Video motion graphics: ACCUDIRE for the human-digital ecosystem