The team at the forefront

We create training events and team working sessions contributing to achieving business goals, collaboration and motivation.

Achieve your goals

We prepare unique team activity proposals to live up evening events, conventions and incentive programmes offering authentic and memorable experience.


Thanks to the detailed needs analysis, we - at Novity - create strong training-oriented team activities. With the aim of enhancing the potential of individuals or teams, stimulate creativity, develop problem solving approach and managing change.


Motivating the sales network or in-house collaborators to achieve common goals. All our projects focus on achieving this goal and attains it through the thrilling challenge or intellectual competition.
We apply formats conceived and developed to meet all our clients' demands.


Whether fun or training team building activities, we use a team of expert directors and technical consultants, operating with the aim of contributing to create closely-knit organisation group as well as strong and productive spirit of collaboration.

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