Multisensory experience inspired by the Expo 2015 theme

Have fun and enjoy the Italian taste and flavour through thrilling itineraries and exclusive locations. Enjoy Italy from an entirely new point of view and live an awesome experience.

As the main focus of this global event, food will be the common denominator of a series of proposals studied by Novity to bring Italy and its millennial cultural history closer to you.

Discover Italy and its millennial cultural history through Novity.

Painstakingly chosen art and culinary experts will guide guests towards the discovery of extraordinary places and unrivalled flavours blending tradition and leading-edge innovation. Besides meeting the most demanding tastes, rouse curiosity and senses, our research aims at stirring emotions.

A unique opportunity to enjoy genuine Italian products, experienced through food, taste and the most authentic of flavours.

Five two-day unique itineraries going from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Art and culinary experts will guide you through the cities and open doors to culinary traditions of the historical period chosen for each destination.

Dinner with entertainment, set in an exclusive and symbolic location in terms of reference style, shall be the most captivating moment. Guests may combine itineraries and experience different culinary eras and delicacies from the past.

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Italy is passion. Italy is flavour. Taking a trip down the Italian culinary tradition history is a unique experience.

Four exclusive proposals to discover the key players of the Italian culinary culture. Flavours, trips to production sites, itineraries, workshops and tasting experience guided by specially selected experts, to offer you the true essence of pleasure.

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A trip down the memory lane of the Italian brilliance, including the industries, artisanship and excellence in the world of design, fashion and cars. Three proposals to enjoy the thrill of creativity transformed into renowned products and discover the secrets of household names that made of the Italian products a synonym of quality and class worldwide. The various top class products selected for you may also be combined into one itinerary.

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Two four-day unique tour proposals across several regions to discover and enjoy Italy from two entirely different points of view. Charm, luxury and emotions versus awareness, sustainability and nature. These are the two faces of a country capable of enchanting and captivating always with a keen eye on quality and hospitality.

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Each itinerary blends top class culinary culture, unique experience and discovery of the territory, all within one intense day.

Departing from Milan, every proposal leads to five particularly significant destinations offering different aspects of the Italian style. The trip will include Milan culinary and entrepreneur excellence, breath-taking landscapes of the Lombardy lakes, Franciacorta sparkling wine, the Verona music pantheon winding up with Rivoli and Turin, where you will enjoy contemporary art and tasty delicacies.

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