Novity Events: thrill of life

The success of an event lies in the ability of creating the right “link” between the brand and its target, balance between its main elements: concept, location, communication tone and style of hospitality

Novity events communicate, captivate, motivate and meet the needs of any business model: product launching, sales meeting, roadshows, celebration or sports events and press conferences.

We design new formats

Our creative team - at Novity - designs new formats and engagement formulae, making a unique and original moment of every event and always focusing on our guests.

Contents at the centre of attention

Novity always focuses on contents including the coherent proposal by speakers and trainers, production of footages, animated presentations, motion graphics and speech support.

For Novity technology shapes ideas.

We interprete spaces and give rhythm to your ideas

We - at Novity - design unique event spaces with scenic design capable of rousing emotions and captivating audience.

The Novity event direction guarantees rhythm and tone to the contents and heightens the uniqueness of the format.

We light up the stage

We propose amusement elements suitable for any type of event.

Our artistic proposal goes beyond entertainment: it is a communication and strategic medium of the event.

We listen to your ideas and transform them into reality
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