Each brand is a world yet to be built

Expressing the force of the message. Exalting your world and values. Interpreting the power and uniqueness of your product and service.

The Novity method

Efficiency, expressiveness and coherence. These are our project characteristics which base their efficiency on the need and positioning analysis, target segmentation, focus on business model, values and company culture.

Our services

We, at Novity, select media, create unique formats, research exclusive material to offer a valuable experience to consumers.

Corporate Identity

Defining and characterising corporate identity communicating its founding values.

Brand Identity

Creating and developing a brand as well as its world of reference making it unique and memorable.


Creating unique campaigns for establishing a live dialogue with targets.

Below the line

Sponsorship, public relations, direct marketing, promotion: different instruments for communicating to specific targets.


Projects conceived to present and promote products or services and animate sales points.


Web design, software development, digital marketing, social media marketing for integrated communication.

Our approach

We - at Novity - believe that this is what communication is all about: simple, clear and direct simultaneously entirely being in line with goals and targets.
Thus we find the most suitable communication style for every product and company.

We listen to your ideas and transform them into reality
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