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Disclaimer and request of consent with regards to the handling of personal data as stated by Italian law (art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003).

In compliance with obligations stated in the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003 # 196 gone into effect on 1 January 2004 with regards to handling personal data (Privacy Code), we hereby inform you that the following company Sistema Espansione S.r.l.‎ with headquarters in via Flero, 46 – 25125 Brescia (otherwise known as the “Company”) will submit all personal data concerning you that has been or will be communicated to us by you or other sources. The handling of personal data will be carried out respecting the norms in vigor and the following conditions.


1. Purpose of handling

Handling personal information is exclusively intended for the following purposes:

  1. for preliminary requirements to stipulate sale contracts, for their execution and for the enforcement of rights deriving from the same contracts;
  2. to comply with current laws and regulations, particularly in regards to taxation;
  3. for operational, managerial and bookkeeping needs;
  4. for the registration of access to our Company website and the use of the services offered on it;
  5. for the need to monitor the state of relationships with clients and/or connected risks and to improve such relationships;
  6. for commercial purposes including strategic and operational marketing.


2. Handling methods

In addition to collecting, the handling of data may consist in registering, filing, modifying, communicating, deleting, spreading, etc., and will be carried out in hardcopy, paper form, or with the aid of computers and electronic devices, with appropriate tools to guarantee the safety and privacy of data, in accordance with articles 31 and those outlined in Legislative Decree 196/2003, related to the “minimum safety measures for processing personal data.”

In particular, the Company will adopt all technical, IT, organizational, logistical, and procedural safety measures as specified in Legislative Decree 196/2003 and “Amendment B” of the same decree, so as to guarantee the least level of protection of personal information in compliance with the law.
The applied procedures furthermore guarantee that access to personal data is allowed solely to people entrusted with handling on behalf of our Company.


3. Data collection

The collection of data is:

  1. Mandatory in order to attain connected purposes of obligations anticipated by law or other binding regulations;
  2. Necessary for the correct establishment and continuation of the relationship between you and the Company.

Refusal to provide the personal data stated above, even for legitimate reasons, could compromise the regular course of your relationship with our Company and could furthermore prevent the Company from executing your orders as well as carrying out requested services and relative billing.


4. Communication and diffusion of data

The communication of personal data to third parties other than the Company for the purposes referred to in point 1 may take place only under the following circumstances:

  1. when such communication is required to assure the compliance of the anticipated fulfillments according to law or from other binding norms;
  2. when such communication is required to assure the correct establishment or continuation of the relationship of business with you.

All personal data collected for the purposes referred to above can be communicated to public and private subjects, physical or legal persons exclusively for business purposes to manage databases or payment processing systems, including third parties that undertake specific tasks on behalf of our Company.

In particular, data can be communicated to the following categories: sales, banking institutions and payment processing companies, legal firms and consultancies, auditors working with the Piadineria, public authorities or administrations carrying out legal duties, Italian and foreign suppliers, financing or transport companies, third parties entrusted with the quality control of the distribution flow, in addition to the other companies that are part of our Group.
Data may also be spread, though only in aggregated, anonymous form, for statistical purposes.


5. Transfer of data to foreign countries

For the strict and necessary purposes of enabling the contractual relationship with you, your personal data may be communicated to third party judicial subjects of foreign countries whether within or outside the European Union.


6. Your rights

Under article 7 and Legislative Decree 196/2003, you have the right, among others, to:

  1. obtain confirmation of the existence, or otherwise, of your personal data and its communication in intelligible form;
  2. receive from the person responsible for handling:i) information on the origin of the personal data, on the purposes and means of its handling, on the logic applied in case of handling with the aid of electronic devices;ii) information on the identity of the person responsible for handling or information on the identity of the representative appointed by a foreign subject for data handling in Italy;
    iii) information on the subjects or the categories of subjects to whom the data may have been communicated who may become equally aware as appointed representatives on the national territory.
  3. obtain:i) Updates, rectification or integration of personal data;ii) deletion or transformation in anonymous form or any data handled in violation of law, including data which may have been kept for purposes other than for the original and legitimate purposes;
    iii) A statement that all persons, to whom the data has been communicated, have been informed of the tasks referred to in points (i) and (ii), except where such information may require disproportionate means;
  4. oppose, in full or part:i) for legitimate motives, to the handling of your personal data, however pertinent to the purpose behind collecting it;
    ii) to the handling of your personal data when done for the purpose of collecting commercial information or transmitting advertising material or direct sales or market surveys for commercial promotions.

The preceding rights may be enforced either directly or through an appointee chosen by you as outlined in articles 8 and 9 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003.


7. Holder and Person responsible

We confirm, moreover, that the holder of data is the Company, represented by its temporary legal representative, with headquarters located at: via Flero, 46 – 25125 Brescia.
The person responsible for handling your personal data is the Head of IT Services who you may reach at the following address:


8. Consent for handling

Your consent for us to handle your personal data in the ways and for the purposes mentioned above is optional. In the event of your refusal, the Company will not be able to handle your personal data and will only be allowed to utilize it in compliance with the duties defined by law, and with the potential consequences described in point 3 above.


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Legal notice

Sistema Espansione S.r.l.
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